sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013


Who doesn't know Yoni Levy the gifted photographer who always manages to capture those special moments when we are having the times of our lives. Yoni has literally given away his time, talent and his photos to so many of us and asks for nothing in return.

At this time Yoni is in danger of losing his mid Manhattan studio which many of us have visited and where we have been photographed in the last few years. Yoni has given of himself to help many fundraising events and has capture it all. Yoni gives and gives and never asks for anything in return. We all know well enough the cost of bringing someone with even a fraction of his talent to even attempt to do what he has done time and again without getting paid.

All of you who know me are well aware that I am not one to ask for help and on that rare occasion have accepted help when offered but at this time I have to reach out to each and everyone of our friends to help raise the rent to allow Yoni to keep his studio. Its a one time thing because he is already signed on to start a huge venture which will pay for his studio starting next month but right now he is in dire straits and we need to come together to save his studio from being closed. This would indirectly impact all of us because we would no longer have him close by readily available to show up to events to capture us at our best.

We are asking for donations of whatever monetary value you are able give. This is a friend who is more like family to all of us and when a family member needs help it is up to us to help that member back on his feet. There should be no need to even think twice about this. Just open your heart and your purses and wallets and show your love and how much you really care for Yoni.

I am throwing a Rent Party at Pepela New York on East 30 st on Sunday at noon.

Hors d'oeuvres will be served and vodka courtesy of Emperor's Brand.

While you mingle with friends, have your photograph taken by renowned photographer Yoni Levy.

*A talented gem of a guy Yoni Levy is in need of your help to save his livelihood. I'm throwing a "Rent Party" to raise funds at Pepela on Sunday. Come join us for food, drinks and have your photo taken. Please donate via Paypal at

Yoni has donated his talent for many charities and fundraisers over the years. Time to help him. 

Rent Party for Yoni
Sunday , april 7 - 12am to 4pm.
Pepela Restaurante New York.
104 East 30th Street - NY
Info: +1-212-658.1115.