quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013


From Cuba's thriving artistic community, to remote artist colonies in Brazil, Copperbridge Foundation is building a bridge through the arts. With the generous support of our community, we are proud to present the Cultural Evolution Series, kicking off in Miami, Florida.

This event will feature:

Cuba's leading contemporary dance company will be performing the unforgettable “Showroom”.

Descemer Bueno
Havana-born Latin Grammy Award Nominee, this singer/songwriter blends latin and urban music to bring the new Havana sound to Miami.

Erick Paredes
DJ/Producer/Co-Founder of Sustainable Recordings
Notorious for his ability to create a cool atmosphere with sound, Miami's own DJ Erick Paredes will provide the soundtrack to an unforgettable night of arts and culture.

Art Exhibit by Cuba's renowned artist, Noel Morera Cruz
Morera shares his intense imagery of what he calls “a vision of the result of a political process within a society.”


Works by Miami-born Puerto Rican artist, Meme Ferre
Artist and Art Educator, Ferre's artwork deals with overlapping realities/ collections of organic intelligences/ dreamstate landscapes/ and an unending quest for beauty.

Sounds Like Art
Art Auction featuring paintings on vinyls by Jose Fuster (Havana, Cuba), signed by American music legend and CBF Advisory Board Member, Jackson Browne.

Made possible by the generous donations of our members and sponsors: Marazul, Miami Club Rum, Las Americas, Rodriguez de Cuba, Cubamax, and MAPS Production House.