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Will you join our HAIL MARY PASS?
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We are 3 days and $3000 away from reaching the goal of $6000. Over $1000 has come in during the past 24 hours and we are so grateful that people are rallying around us in these final moments!
We need a hail mary pass to get this across the finish line! These beginning stages in the growth of a project can make or break it.
We must get the word out to a wider audience to succeed. You can help by:
Sending the email below to your network. Post our campaign and latest video (below) on Facebook.
Tweet using the hashtag #21tradewinds People usually need to be asked 3 times before they take action, so don't be afraid to ask again or remind people.
Thank you so much for joining our bold community of music adventurers!
Matt & the Team

I'm a backer on Matt Geraghty's 21: Trade Winds Kickstarter Campaign and am asking you to join me this weekend in bringing this incredible music project to fruition.
There are 2 days left in the campaign so please check it out today! Some of the best musicians on the global music scene are joining Matt on a Trans-Atlantic improvised music tour that aims to reveal the cultural and musical footprint that was made by the transatlantic trade route.
They just performed 2 stellar concerts at the Iridium Jazz Club in Times Square and have been asked to continue the series there. Concert tickets to the next show are one of the perks, along with an album and a forthcoming documentary about the evolution of global music.
To learn more please check out the campaign and/or website.
Thank you,