terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2016


Artist Stephen Bryer (Modern Floralism) will be creating a 6 x 6 ft chalk drawing especially for the First Thursday event at the SB Public Market. The art piece will continue through Valentine's Day and have an interactive nature that the community is invited to participate in.

The "interactive nature" is the idea that this could give the art a longer life( despite its temporary medium), more meaning and greater connection to the community within the frame work of Valentine's Day.

The art piece will be left up as is for about a week. Then a few days before Valentine's Day, a box of chalk ( in colors the artist will provide) will be left next to the piece and people will be invited to write LOVE sentiments on the petals of the rose.

As a final effort, on Valentine's Day Stephen will work the writings into the surface of the floral composition.

Thursday, February 4 - from 12am to 21pm.

Santa Barbara Public Market
38, W Victoria St. - Santa Bárbara - 93.101 - California.
C/O: Stephen Bryer.
Photos: Divulgation.